CopterLite integrated fuel delivery system for fleet
Dispositivi atex per l'impianto di stoccaggio e la stazione di carburante. Guida Atex, scelta delle apparecchiature e dei dispositivi da installare nelle zone pericolose Ex.
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Electronic Solutions, between technology and nature. For the distribution of fuel and more ...

01 Who we are?

Coptron was founded in 1992. The continued commitment and investment in the development and research, the organization that was studied in detail and the involvement of people increasingly prepared have allowed for rapid expansion of our company and enlargement into new market sectors.

02 What we do?

We design and build electronic cards and equipment, control systems, data collection and management. We provide prototyping, manufacturing and testing of cables and circuits as third parties and we offer solutions for the fuel's distribution and the alternative energy. More

03 Why Coptron?

Because, thanks to the experience gained over the past 20 years, we can provide products and services built around your needs. Why our products are certified for the highest quality and we guarantee to you the best service, at fair prices. Because we are people, not numbers.

"We constantly invest into research to offer products and services that allow us to differentiate ourselves from the competition."

Edoardo Motti, President