Advanced waterproof gauges for level measurement Masterl Level series AT15610

The AT15610 Advanced level sensor is ideal for applications that demand maximum precision and it is also suitable for detecting tank leaks.

The AT15610 sensor operates in accordance with the magnetostrictive measuring principle. The sensor tube contains a wire made of magnetostrictive material. Magnets integrated in the floats magnetise the wire at the float position. The sensor electronics transmit current pulses through the wire, which generate a circular magnetic field. A torsional wave develops at the point where the two magnetic fields overlap and it propagates towards the sensor head. In the sensor head, these waves are converted into an electrical signal. The float positions are calculated from the different propagation times. For precision temperature measurements, the sensor tube of the VISY-Stick Advanced contains temperature sensors.

Part numberDescription
CPT15610/G/xxxxGauge height xxxx cm (200, 240, 290, 330 or 400)
Product measurement accuracy± 0,25 mm
Water measurement accuracy± 2 mm
Product measurement repeatability± 0,05 mm
Water measurement repeatability± 0,5 mm
Resolution0,001 mm
Product minimum measurable height75 mm
Water minimum measurable height23 mm
Product floater dimensionsØ 54x33 mm
Water floater dimensionsØ 43x62 mm
Temperature measuring range-40 ÷ +85°C
Temperature measuring accuracy± 1°C (20°C)
Electrical connectionPlug-and-socket M12
Protection classIP68
Dipstick materialInox EN 1.4301 / AISI 304
Head materialInox EN 1.4305 / AISI 303
ApprovalsATEX II 3G Ex nA IIC T6 Gc
CPT15610 schema