Software and hardware development for automation and control systems

For over 25 years we design and build technology solutions that can meet the most varied needs and fulfill your requests

We have created systems for the petrol pumps' control, monitoring of storage facilities, remediation and measurement of fuel tanks, the realization of beer, alternative energy management, access control, management of baggage belts at airports, the air sampling, testing of boilers, waste management ...The list could go on for lots more!
Over the years we have changed the technology and development environments, as you needs are changed. What has remained unchanged is our desire to find the best solution and implement it for you.

Customized technologic solutions for automotive industry and production

The importance of using technologies and languages in step with the times

Embedded crossplatform software develop into Qt

Our hardware, the firmwares that control it and the management software are made to optimize the use of resources and to ensure full control of the system. We give so much importance to the user interfaces of our programs and much more importance to what is "behind".
We develop crossplatform applications for desktops, servers and mobile and we dialogue with different types of hardware, using modern and robust development languages. We provide embedded systems on industrial touch-screen, ideals to any kind of situation, finding the right balance between performace, design, practicality and durability.

We implement solutions of any kind of difficulty for management and transmission of data through GPRS/UMTS/LTE mobile networks or dedicated radio transmission systems. Over and above complete solutions created directly for you or for your customers, we are able to ensure the protection of your informations over our datacenter and provide customized monitoring and telemetry systems services.
We use recognition technologies with active or passive transponder tags, depending on the specific needs.

We are always ready to meet new challenges: give us a chance!

Touch screen remote display Master Level