Design, prototyping and contract manufacturing PCBAs and cables

Cutting-edge technology, modern assembly lines electronic boards and a strong experience in the field allow us to offer a professional service.

We have skills, resources and tools that allow us to help you and support you in many situations. Starting from your needs we can provide the product "turnkey": an electronic card finished in its container, tested, complete with plans and technical documentation.
In the same way, we are able to design with you the PCB circuit boards you need or PCBA assembled electronic board or the cables according to your specifications. Is the modularity of our service that allows us to respond promptly to yours precise needs.

Automatic SMT machines for PCB assembly and SMD components

How is made the perfect product

We do not limit us to design and produce electronic boards: we want to help you create the perfect product. We provide 25 years of experience in the industry and our passion to deal with every aspect of your project and not leave anything to chance.
We can be not only a supplier, but a serious and capable partners; you can decide which parts of your project you want we develop for you and the others parts that you prefer develop by yourself.

  • Electronic board design for civil and industrial environments
  • Creating PCBs and gerber files
  • Custom firmware development
  • Product industrialization
  • ICT (In-Circuit Test) and circuit board tropicalization
  • Technical manuals and documentation
  • Certification at accredited institutions