Coptron celebrates 25 years

This year we celebrate our first 25th birthday! All this time passes really fast… Almost there does not seem real that they can be passed all these years: 1992 seems so far away, seen from here. Progress has made a lot of progress and technologies have changed many aspects of our lives: perhaps this continuous learning and improve ourselves, to keep us updated, day after day, has kept us “young.” We thinking at the past with no melancholy, indeed: we are proud of the path taken to get this far, proud of our work and are grateful to you, you have given us your confidence and have allowed us to grow and mature .

Thanks go to all those who believed in us.
Our commitment for the future is to continue to address each new challenge with the same enthusiasm as when we started, 25 years ago. Because we are “grown up,” it is true: we have grown and matured ... But it has not changed the passion we put into what we do.